Bespoke Self Builds

We love to create people’s dream homes. Whether you’re looking to reconstruct an existing building or want to create a house from an architect’s plan, our team of experts can manage your bespoke home construction from beginning to end.

builders working on a bespoke self build in Norfolk

Have ideas for your dream home? Call in, we’d love to discuss ideas.

Affordable, Trustworthy Builders

Our prices won’t break the bank. They are competitive, which makes us amazing value for money as you’re guaranteed a brilliant finished project. We’ve been trusted by plenty of people in the Norfolk area to create bespoke homes for and have only produced brilliant results so far.


Getting Your Project Right

Creating a custom house is a delicate procedure and it’s important to select a firm like ours with plenty of experience in creating bespoke houses to specification so you actually get what you wanted.

We start with an initial consultation and take time to fully understand what your requirements are for your bespoke home. To make sure your home is how you want it, we work with you throughout the whole process right until you walk through the door to your brand new home for the first time.


A Timely and Professional Service

Although, understandably, creating a house from the ground up takes time, we have perfected the process so that won’t be waiting forever to live in your new home. Efficiency is key and it’s something we’ve been working on since the day we started. At the same time, safety is held as a priority and corners are never cut.